Welcome to the website of Equitrain!

Please proceed to find more information about me and my business in educating sport horses and riders.

I train horses and riders working closely with both individuals resulting in a development which gives joy and satisfaction for both parties. I strongly believe that the key to success lays in understanding the horses and giving them the time they need to improve step by step.

I work with both long- and short-term goals, improving every aspect of the horse’s training and life quality. I emphasize creating a versatility in the training, resulting in sustainable and healthy individuals that are able to perform in the sport. I can offer my clients help with making a weekly schedule covering the basics, as well as correcting the small details that makes all the difference.

Getting the horse and rider to completely understand each other is a big challenge, and I love it!

Since my whole life has been about horses, I have developed a good ability to communicate with them, and I have a lot of experience training and educating horses of all ages.

Do you love horses and would you like help with getting the big picture? Please read more on the following pages about me, my experiences and what services I’m able to offer you!

Equitrain is also on Facebook (mostly in Swedish).

I have trained horses and riders in Hongkong and in California, and wrote about it in my blog (in Swedish).