About Karin

Karin Engström, EquitrainI grew up on a farm in the village Österfärnebo in the Swedish province Gästrikland. Already as a child I had a great interest in animals and nature. My father had a North Swedish horse on the farm (drafthorse) which he utilized for forestry work until the 70’s. Therefore I got a natural feeling for horses in work early in my life.

After my agricultural education I first worked with dairy cows, but my interest in horses continued to grow every year and I decided to dedicate myself full time to them instead.

In the years of 1989-1991 I studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. I studied to become a stable manager at Flyinge, which at the time was a national equestrian centre for both education and breeding in Sweden. I was very eager to learn and graduated with honors (number one in my class).

After my graduation I worked as a stable manager at Bollerup Agricultural Institute. Young horse training and student education was part of the job description. It was a challenge to independently educate both horses and people at a noble stud with hundreds of well bred horses. During my years I prepared many 3- and 4-year-old horses for the Swedish young horse test. Several of them qualified to the national finals in both dressage and jumping. In the end of the 90’s I also presented a stallion at the Swedish Stallion Licensing test.

In the year of 2000 I was employed at Flyinge as a rider for the young dressage horses. Coming years, I rode and showed a large number of young horses for both trials and evaluation tests. I participated for several years in our stallion shows, where I was both riding and showing the stallions by hand.

In 2004 I was hired at the university education in Equine Studies at Flyinge, teaching students how to train a young horse. My classes included everything from starting up young horses, long lining and dressage. I was also giving a lot of clinics in these subjects. I was part of the Committee that developed the young horse education programeat Flyinge.

2012 Project manager for overseeing the project called “Quality Assured Young horse training”, initiated by the Swedish Warmblood Association and Flyinge AB.

In the years 2011-2013 I was a project leader and author of several chapters in the book “Flyingemodellen – från föl till final” (”From Foal to Final”).

In 2007 I started my own company Equitrain and bought a small farm in Blentarp in the south of Sweden. I was training and selling dressage horses, giving lessons in young horse training, dressage and long lining.

2014 worked part time (50%) at the “Färs & Frosta” bank and a fulltime commitment to Equitrain.

2015 began with three months at Mette Rosencrantz in the US. After that I continued full time with Equitrain.
At the end of 2015, I was training students in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, at Beas River Country Club.

2016 new trip to Hong Kong!

2017 moving my operation to Hammarlunda Gård, in Harlösa (east of Flyinge).

2017-2018 continuing my collaboration with Hong Kong Jockey Club, doing several trips to Beas River Country Club in order to train students and staff.